A downloadable arcade game for Windows

Boxels is a fast-paced player vs. player game inspired by classic arcade titles for 1-4 players.

Capture a majority of the playfield's territory to win!

features (sorta)

  • wide range of coloured squares!
  • multiple flashing lights!
  • gamepad support!
  • AI opponents!


if you're a photosensitive epileptic i would probably not go near this game, there's rather a lot of flashing and swift contrasty colour changes almost constantly, other than that i hope this should be suitable for most... unless you're colour blind, in which case next version might be better!

plans for next version

  • making it more friendly for both colourblind and non-colourblind people alike in discerning owned territory by symbolic means (tile backgrounds)
  • mac/linux builds if we can work that out somehow (mac not sure, re notarization).
  • proper gamepad navigation in the menus
  • more powerup types are planned
  • more zööp


~ created by birdbread. games (twitter: @birdbreadgames) ~


Boxels - Windows 64 bit 11 MB
Version 0.0.2 Nov 10, 2019

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